Just the Base-Six

Based on not-so-empirical nor well-charted data, and thirty-some years of experience it’s still fairly safe to say this: no one signed up for this “body thing” as far as they can remember. No one seems to be able to find any signed lifetime contract for the “mind thing” and its unfathomably bizarre complexities either. Yet the only things everyone we’ve ever known seems to have in common are these two things and what comes with ownership of them.

Sure everyone’s are fairly personalized. Some come with various features internally and externally, sometimes they are not what we would have ordered, if only we could recall having ordered “this one”. Some parts breakdown, we break them because we haven’t taken good care, had an accident, or they break and we can’t even figure out why. A couple things are very clear: no one gets a manufacturer’s warranty and it didn’t come with instructions.

Of course you don’t have to look hard for instructions. Many are all too happy to foist upon you what to believe, or how to make your body like the most popular celebrities. This site won’t bother with that. It will “bother” to help you improve, maintain or even maximize the ability of your body, fine-tune your mind, attitude, goals and dreams. It’s a bout you, it doesn’t judge your idea of ideal fitness, dreams or goals. Although you may find yourself  wanting to take a tighter grip of the reigns, rather than letting the wild horses of life drag you away from the places you dream of.

Maybe you’re thinking this sounds good, but who the heck are you? And how are you qualified? Although I think my own life is fascinating, I won’t bore you, BUT there’s a little about me at the end of the article if you really want to know. I’ll give you this: you can learn the not-hard-read-a-blog tips, ways, tricks, systems, tools, etc. to create what you want. I didn’t take such a simple route, but these things are what I do now and life is good!

If you’re already on to a fitness routine and feel good that is excellent! You’ve got step 1 down (you can come back later when we delve into other “stuff” , or to shake up the fitness routine. Until then there are facebook and twitter links below for more goodness).

If you wonder: why basic fitness first? It’s hard to believe you can do the things you want to if physically you don’t feel well, strong, and capable (and maybe haven’t for years!).  Think about it: you expect amazing results to be able to do what you want, achieve goals and/or dreams but you’re not managing the vehicle that’s going to make it all happen. How are you going to manage your dream business/intense managerial position/amazing relationship with a partner/friends/family, or whatever it is you desire most? Now let’s imagine you also want to enjoy these things you’ve worked towards. So you see it is necessary you are feeling well, strong and capable. Learn to manage yourself well first so that you can manage more!

Let’s start with the Base-Six™. These are 6 basic strength exercises and a couple of other tools for the basic care of your body. Also remember: I don’t know you, so check with your doctor if you have any health conditions or have any doubt that you can safely start an exercise program.

You’re going to need to:

  • Do cardio (repetitive and constant movement like power walking/jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, aerobic classes). If you are very inactive start off slowly and build up. At least 3, up to 5 days a week. Go for at least 10 minutes at a time, but totalling 30 minutes throughout the day. Make sure to use the first few minutes to warm up gradually, and the last few to cool down gradually. Make sure you do warm up/cool down every time if you’re splitting it up.
  • Strength training. You do not have to look muscular, you just have to maintain your body so it is healthy. 2 to3 times a week. 6 basic moves is all you need to start (once you start to get a little stronger it gets boring not to switch it up a bit!). Add one of the Base-Six moves each week. Do 12 to start, take a break, do 12 more. I’m going to list them, but for details on each move (how to make them easier/challenging, important safety tips), I will be posting one move a week for the next 6 weeks on the facebook link below. Base-Six exercises: Squat, Lunge, Row, Press/Push Up, Shoulder Press, Plank.
  • Stretch: every day that you exercise. At the end of your workout while your muscles are still warm. Be gentle: feel tension, but not pain (this is not just because it sounds nice, pain is a message from your body to stop!). Hold, don’t bounce, each stretch for 30 seconds (seconds! Not count to 30 as fast as you can) or more if you like. You will find more on this on facebook.

Remember: start slowly, build up. You CAN do it! This is the first step to a life of what you want, so take charge now! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below, on facebook, or email.




Who the heck I am and why I’m qualified: My name is Lisa Kingsley-Correia (Lisa K-C). My education and career experience are primarily in the fitness and recreation industry. I’ve almost always worked with children too (young people offer so much perspective outside of our closed conditioned adult minds!). In terms of goals and dream achievement: fitness education offers a lot in the realm of goal achievement, I’ve adapted much of it to apply to life. For decades I chose “the hard way” to do many things and not always in an admirable manner. I finally learned that this approach to life wasn’t working for me and started learning to take to heart some lessons. I have now become very happy, enjoy my life, and achieve my goals and dreams all the time. I love being able to share this, so you can feel the freedom I do!