Keep Growing, Keep Learning… and try not to split your pants!

So often we get stuck in these ruts of doing the same old thing. At our homes, with our families, and at our jobs. There comes monotony and stagnation. While routine is good, expanding and learning and growing with a routine is even better!

To ensure you get the best quality service, and fitness and wellness care, it is a priority to ensure that learning and growing are happening in the CREATE world all the time.

Last week many of you know I was at a fitness conference, where I did sessions learning new fitness techniques to introduce at the studio, but I also took a couple fitness business-based courses too. You’ll notice in the past few months some things have changed in terms of the customer experience. I am always looking for ways to keep you all well-served and loving the CREATE experience even if you have to be at the studio tired and early or exhausted after work.

I also learned a few more interesting lessons: if you wear track pants with no stretch you may split your pants as you split your squat. You can replace said pants with really bright colourful ones, and if “own” the look you get compliments, if you’re sheepish about your bright “out there” pants you’ll get pointed and laughed at. Be brave and be unique: own your awesomeness! I learned restraint can be gratifying. There are no new toys for the studio from the trade show this year (a first!). Buying gimmicks, cheap “stuff”, or things that won’t get used for the sake of buying is not “saving” just because it’s on sale. It also takes up valuable space and create more stuff to dust, no benefit to you or CREATE (ok I knew this one, it’s harder to remember with the equivalent of a “big kid’s toy store sale!”). So you see it’s not only the sessions that offer the lessons.

Every year I also endeavour to take on this conference (which is the biggest in N. America), and also to advance my knowledge and growth within the fitness and wellness realm in some other manner.

This past year’s endeavour was HUGE, so it’s going to take almost a year and a half, but I want to take the time to learn and absorb all of the fantastic knowledge that’s being conveyed to me. I will have my 200RYT at the end, that is, I will have a whole lot of yoga training and practice under my belt and not just be recognized as certified as I am now, but registered with the Yoga Alliance.

I want not only to teach you fitness, but to inspire you to grow and learn in all aspects of your life as wellness of the body and mind are linked. Yoga doesn’t just say so, there are numerous studies about it! I’m sharing it to A) set an example for you to carry on learning in a realm you enjoy or to try something new, and B) let you know that I do always continue to learn so that you are always getting the best, the newest information, and if it proves safe and worthy, perhaps the newest trend or gimmick too!

So how have you challenged yourself to learn and grow lately? (Aside from the fitness, unless that’s your newest thing to master!) Learning and mastering new things is always hard, but once you’re getting it the rewards are usually far beyond your new skill or realm of knowledge and have grown you in other ways.

So stop putting off that course you wanted to sign up for, that class you’ve been meaning to take, or joining that club. Chanting: Do it! Do it! Do it!

Click to Learn and Grow more Awesomeness in your life and registeri for your complimentary Fitness Consultation today!


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