“Please Change These 4 Quarters For 100 Pennies.” -No One Ever! Remembering Quality In A Society Obsessed With More

quality quantity

Everybody knows about quality over quantity, we’ve all heard that term.  But it seems to be a value lost in today’s consumer driven society where we mustn’t necessarily have just the really good things we need, but keep up with the Jones’ as have everything, stuff we don’t need. Stuff that gets delegated corner-dust-collector after a single use that causes it to malfunction (or did it ever really work as well as was promised?). Stuff that overfills our closets, and creates mountains of questionable boxes in our garages. So much stuff that we forget about it, don’t even care about it, let it get auctioned off from our storage spaces!

And then we carried it into the way we live. We forgot about quality of what we do and started trying to do everything. We have mile long to do lists, task lists so in depth we need “smartphones” to keep track of everything, because planners were bulging and overflowing and could no longer handle the chaos of our lives, but somehow we’re supposed to? We run from the moment we get up and ready, drop off kids, go to meetings, lunchtime chiropractic appointment, wade through a sea of email, pick up the kids, grocery shop, drop them at soccer, go to the gym, pick up kids, make dinner, and don’t forget lunches for tomorrow, did I shower after the gym? Crap! I better shower, go to bed. Repeat tomorrow.

No real moments to ourselves, and in those moments we do have we rush through, just trying to get it all done. I’m going to suggest, in those moments to yourself, those things you do for yourself, that you slow down, and remember quality counts.

As a trainer one of the biggest myths and challenges I have to break is the belief that more is more. As someone who’s dealt with injury (not related to doing too much fortunately) I had to relearn a lot of movement patterns. I learned that quality of movement is so important, while quantity can take you back weeks or even months. But with my clients I often have to explain to slow down, the workout will not be more valuable if you combine poor form to “cheat” using stronger muscles but get more reps in, it won’t have the effect you want. Nor will doing more workouts and not getting adequate recovery. And obviously, but I’m going to point out eating lots of crummy food over some quality food.

As obvious as it seems I’m going to go into that a little deeper, because it’s important when it comes to treats. Would you rather eat a large slice of passable  boxed cake or a sliver of decadent bakery fresh cake? In fact when it comes to all of the tastier foods why would you choose low grade food that doesn’t fill you or leave you feeling good when you can thoroughly enjoy half that quantity of something truly divine?

CREATE ‘s third core value is quality and results, it’s so important we ingrained it in the business, so:

Begin asking yourself, is this worth the time? Let’s face it, that list I made sounded busy and yet it doesn’t encompass even and eighth of the things we do in a day. Nix or reduce those quality thieves, that are just filler quantity “do more” kind of stuff.

Remember quality of movement during your workout!

Ask yourself when indulging if it’s worth it, when does it stop being worth it? Stop being enjoyable? Are you even paying attention while you fill up on junk?

Take the time to figure out what you’re spending your time and energy on. And how you can bring the quality back and relieve your self of the responsibility of too much. That’s some quality time well spent.

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