The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Stop overcommitting and follow through with what really matters!

We’ve all made commitments we knew we wouldn’t be able to keep, nor wanted to make in the first place. There are commitments we make and want to keep but realize it was unrealistic and regretfully resign. There are the ones that we full on knew we weren’t ready for, and the ones that we didn’t realize what was involved, and so give up, or alter to make it work for us. And the best ones (usually)  are the ones where we follow through and keep our commitment!

I’ll talk briefly to the commitments we make to others today, but mostly the ones to ourselves, they are the easiest ones to break and to cheat ourselves of when it comes to outcomes that we seek.

I’ll speak firstly of those commitments we make to others. As I write this the song by Billy Talent “Try Honesty” just keeps popping up, so let’s go with that as starter to those commitments that we are being “nice” about when we weren’t able to nor wanted to do, and those that we realize we’re in over our heads, or just unrealistic. I’m not saying with the former that we should be rude or tactless, but honest and true will always feel better than avoidance or dishonesty. So find a nice way to decline or worst come to worst let someone down (try not to do this, obviously).

The ones we aren’t ready for are actually kind of the best challenges and leave you feeling the most accomplished. Let me tell you how never having travelled before nor cycled a long distance that I was not even close to ready to cycle across a continent. And my attempts in the beginning were embarrassing, but I overcame some overwhelmingly satisfying feats of awesomeness. These commitments and their accompanying challenges are the ones I urge you to persevere through, you will grow big time!

A view from the top: climbed 1375 m in 20 km. Descended the Blue Nile Gorge and then climbed it. A commitment I did plenty of screaming and crying through.

I crossed a border on km 206 of almost 208., This was my occupation on the border crossing form The furthest I’d ever ridden by far. Commitment completed just before cutoff time!


Yoga with bright lights and interruption to photograph yourself. Not a commitment to mind-body focus I thought it would be!

The ones that we simply didn’t realize what was involved are tricky. I mean using the example above how could one actually know what to expect if one’s never travelled nor cycle toured. That’s a given that’s going to come with surprises, but let’s use a recent example of commitment I’ve made and had to alter: I created this challenge on Instagram for the last 100 days of the year, #100daysofcreateyourawesomeness, and started failing after only a week. Not failing to complete my personal awesomeness creation, but failing to post photos or video of it. I mean who wants to be all into their yoga and have to interrupt to press the capture button and then run and get back into pose perfectly and at the right angle in 10 seconds? And do you think that happens on the first try? And how does it affect this new daily practice I’m developing? Sometimes it’s not realistic to maintain as per the original plan. So I’m figuring out a way  to keep my followers engaged in an awesomeness creation mindset and still maintain my awesomeness creation commitment to myself.

This one’s a tricky one. Most of the time we overcommit, but sometimes we aren’t committed enough when we need to be, or we know we should be. When we said we’d do something and then we don’t put our all into it, but we try to take the I’m doing it credit. When we say we’ll help with something and then we do the bare minimum and make excuses and apologies for not doing more. And when we do the same to ourselves and even make excuses and apologize for not doing more. We’re really stealing from and lying to ourselves here. We’re telling ourselves we’re doing it, but really we know we’re not quite, and we’re stealing from the potentially fantastic outcome we would receive if we really were 110% committed.

And then there are those in which we follow through. And unless we committed to something that wasn’t true to following our hearts most usually these are amazing and help us to feel great about what we  contributed to another, others, humanity, the environment, a cause we believe in or most importantly ourselves. And that isn’t selfish, growing ourselves allows us to give even better of ourselves to everyone around us, humanity, the environment, a cause we believe in, etc.

So go ahead and be honest, challenge yourself when you think you can’t possibly go on follow through, and create you awesomeness!

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