Don’t gobble-gobble up you goals: tips to loving the holidays AND keeping your goals in check!

I was texting these tips to a client the other day when she told me she was going to two Thanksgiving dinners and a wedding this holiday weekend!

You can only imagine my concern for where her goals were going. And I thought even if you don’t seem quite so doomed this long weekend it’s always nice to know how you can do a little bit better while still enjoying your holiday meals. After all, we feel the best when we’re living in balance.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and it’s tough when you feel restricted from your faves and also when you feel like you’ve sabotaged your hard work. Here’s how you can enjoy your favourites, without feeling like you’ve blown it:

Eat throughout the day, many people often eat less on days where they know they’re getting a big meal, this doesn’t help keep excess calories to a minimum. It means you’re starving and when it’s time to eat, you eat waaaay more too quickly.

Survey the table for your favourites and have reasonable size portions of those. Yes, your portions will be larger than usual, but we know eyes are bigger than stomachs and most of us finish going “ohhhh , I ate too much”, well for once enjoy not feeling like that after a holiday meal.

Try eating some of your favourite veggies first. Because no one has every said they feel guilty or like they destroyed they’re diet//health/fitness goal for filling up on or eating too many vegetables.

Nix anything you eat “just ‘cuz it’s there”, or even just because it’s healthy, you’re already eating plenty of nutrients. Don’t add calories to this meal if you don’t enjoy them.

AND don’t obsess! Take a couple of tips with you in your back pocket in order not to sabotage. Enjoy, be grateful we have this bounty of goodness and reasons to celebrate a holiday of fortune and plenty!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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