Love and Black History: It must be February!

It’s February, that means the month of love and Black History Month. The theme of all posts this month are about love and loving your life, as that’s a big part of health and wellness. And it’s hard to be healthy living on this planet if we aren’t spreading love around. So given the appropriate timing I’m starting by honouring and showing love for Black History Month and some of the black people who’ve inspired me.

I realize it’s pretty controversial for a white woman to write a piece involving race, but I’m going there, with love. As a woman I’ve recently been inspired by men who’ve spoken openly about their feminist, or better put, egalitarian views. Generally speaking, I think groups of people that are being marginalized need to not only speak up for themselves, but also be supported in their rights by people outside of that group. Ultimately, and I’m going a little cliché here: we need to acknowledge that we are all human beings first and foremost, and from that vantage point appreciate our diversity. We must come from a place of seeing that all humans are way more alike than we are different—never forgetting history, lest we repeat atrocities of our past—and not being blind to colour or other obvious differences (because it’s always just so awkward when people do that) but also for it not to be any stranger than acknowledging someone’s hair colour or what city they live in.

Some of my greatest inspirations, good friends, and most of the people I’ve lived with outside my family home have been black and they’ve brought much awesomeness to my life. The following are awesome human beings, famous and not, who are black and that have had a really positive impact on my life, and/or the way I live. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness:

Bob Marley: Every day I take this man’s advice and remind myself to smile with the rising sun and that every little thing is going to be alright. He had so many more great songs and quotes, but I love the simplicity of this, and it’s one that anyone can appreciate.

Oprah Winfrey: molded my mind to be full of gratitude and provided an excellent example of how to be a good human being every day at 4pm from the time I was 10 to 16 years old almost religiously I’d watch.

Venus and Serena: are tough and beautiful women that brought attention to a sport that few outside of certain elite and predominantly white groups knew or cared about. That’s inspiring!

Nelson Mandela: RIP you were an inspiration not just to your country, but to the world on how to be and live an amazing and meaningful life!

Dedan: is a Kenyan man, with whom I rode through the country. Well not exactly with him, he was with the group I rode with, but he totally kicked my butt! Kenya had some of the toughest terrain in Africa, and it was hard work, but he made it look way easier than I did, and Dedan happens to have just one leg.

Frankie: is a long-time friend, and also a free-thinking, outspoken, beautiful, and hot-in-her-fitness woman. She inspires me, supports me in my passion and business, and loves me for my boldness and uniqueness as much as I do hers.

So many more: I can’t even, or you’ll be here all day.

Happy Black History Month! To creating a better and better future for everyone on the planet, and to remembering the great people in history who helped turn the tables on what it means to be black: from freedom and basic human rights, to shining examples of human beings sharing their awesomeness and wisdom the world over!

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