Driven By Beauty


Whether we like to admit it or not, no matter how shallow it sounds, it is true, we are wired to like beautiful things. Naturally then, we are more likely to enjoy a beautiful meal, a workout in a beautiful place, a fitness routine with beautiful form, or the beautiful feeling of a goal accomplished!

My point? When is the last time you focused on not just the beauty of weight loss or growing strong muscles, and focused on the beautiful fitness, health and wellness routine you are creating? Are you having trouble hitting goals or milestone targets? Are you bored of your routine? Do you like the food you’re eating? Does the idea of reaching your goal light a fire under your ass to go do it?! If not, then you need to find the beauty in these things, find the passion and desire to succeed by creating something you want to do, eat, or experience!

A few quick tips:

Make your food attractive and pick brightly coloured fruits and veggies, and even beans, seeds, and grains!

Take your fitness to a nice park, your backyard (outdoor space in your building, a terrace/courtyard perhaps?) find a yoga studio where you like the decor and feel comfortable, or a fitness gym/studio where the “toys” speak to fun and fitness in your language.

If your goal doesn’t offer strong drive for you, it’s time to revise or rewrite until the feeling you get when you think about achieving it–whether it’s crossing a finish line, feeling good walking by a mirror in the buff, on the beach in a bathing suit, or achieving a strength goal–is a beautiful feeling that has you magnetized and focused more on what you want for the long term than what may act as a distraction right now.

My Beautiful Goal: Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and 30% of all deaths in our country are from cancer?! I am working towards a beautiful goal of raising $2500 for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting Princess Margaret Hospital and Cancer Research Centre and riding my bike 200km! But there’s a story behind my goal that keeps me driven and passionate and is a beautiful full circle; in fact Canadian Cycling Magazine thought it made a great story and published it! And that’s a beautifully awesome feeling! I feel so honoured and so grateful that perhaps my story could inspire others, maybe it could help you connect with the beauty and purpose behind your healthy lifestyle goals. You can check it out here. And if conquering cancer is a cause you’d like to support, I’m so grateful for any donation you’d like to contribute. You can sponsor me in the ride here (all proceeds got to the ride and you get a tax receipt too).

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Staying Active as it Gets Colder: 10 Tips for Fitness & Fun

photo 2
1. Keep your fitness goals in mind and create a plan for how you will achieve those during colder weather when maybe you just won’t want to or maybe even be able to workout outside (please no wild ice storms this year mother nature!).

2. Ty a new sport or winter activity: good places to start if you’ve not been active in the winter: skating, skiing (cross country or downhill), hockey. If you’re already seasoned to these why not try snowshoeing, curling, dogsledding (yup you can try it in Ontario cottage country!), or horseback trail riding, which is an amazing year round activity.

3.  Go play outside! Yes, just play outside. Remember when you were a kid? Or maybe you don’t if you didn’t grow up here, then even more reason to play in the winter, you can appreciate some of the fun that all this cold brings. It’s an adventure in fun and fitness you have likely forgotten about. I haven’t missed a year of crazy carpeting since I travelled and was out of country for the winter, and before that it was years. Why? Because it’s just too much fun not to take part in it. So go jump in a leaf pile, throw around a football, and in a couple of months build snowman, or even better a snow fort, have a snowball fight, or go tobogganing.

4. Find a few things you enjoy doing indoors and have the space for at home. Maybe it’s a workout video, dancing with your kids (or your dog, I know this happens!), or even your partner (wild idea I know!), maybe just some calisthenics to get you going in the morning.

5. Take some classes, hire a trainer, or find a gym buddy. Find a way to be accountable for doing your fitness routine and sticking to your goals. If you find a class you like you’ll probably meet friends that expect to be toughing it out with you each class. Hire a trainer if you’re really committed to ensuring goals happen and are ready to truly get results. Find a gym buddy if you know what you’re doing and you just need someone to meet and make sure you get to doing that workout.

6. Get to doing those home projects and those activities you ignore but want done (like dusting the top of the kitchen cupboards for example). Colder weather is the perfect time for those, and keeps you moving. So throw on some motivating tunes and get to it!

7. Think in layers. When it’s cold outside and you bundle up and exercise you will become a sopping sweaty mess very quickly under all of those clothes. So dress in layers for optimal comfort. Your base layer should be sweat wicking (merino  wool and many synthetics are better for this), and your top layer should be water and wind resistant. When you get too warm you can pull of a layer without going from bundled to exposed (and wet with sweat).

8. The equipment for the job. In addition to layers having the right equipment for the job is very important. So bundling in a ski jacket may be appropriate if you’re going skiing, also if you plan on running in the winter do you have shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry? Do you have a way of ensuring traction in potentially slippery conditions? In some winter activities you’ll want a tuque in others perhaps just a beanie. Big mitts or sleek but warm gloves? Make sure when it comes to the weather you’re ready for your chosen activities. Because I can’t make an exhaustive list here, ask me or use the staff at MEC, Europe Bound, Sporting Life, Running Room, Nike Stores, and others. They can be excellent resources for your sport specific needs.

9. Hydrate. Often in the winter when we don’t feel like we sweat as much,  or we’re “just playing”, or “just shovelling”, we will just not drink enough water either. We’re not seeking cool refreshment in the cold, but then make some herbal tea, or warm water with lemon, or just have some room temperature water, doesn’t have to be frigid, but with our heating systems that dry the air, we need it just as much, and perhaps because we neglect it, maybe even more!

10. If you want to stay active during the cooler weather take it easy when you’re under the weather, or you could end up prolonging or worsening your illness. If you’re illness is mild or you’re close to recovered you can do some lighter-than-usual cardio, and stretching is usually okay anytime, just go really gentle. If you’re super sick rest rest rest and that’s all, don’t even try to work or get stuff done around the house, do the bare minimum, seriously it’s the only time I usually advocate for it, but there is a time for and it’s when you’re very ill. And just no strength conditioning, sorry! I know some will miss it, but it creates further work for your body to repair (which is fine when you’re healthy) and that doesn’t bode well with getting better.

BONUS Tip! Perhaps you struggle with the seasonal changes, or you are just not motivated when it’s dark by 4:30, or just “ugh! it’s so cold!”. Try keeping your workout and your major need-to-do activities during daylight hours. I know this may require schedule adjustments, and perhaps lunchtime appointments, but our bodies really like the daylight. We’re not as nocturnal and our late teens and early twenties may have had us believe we could be, so do your best to do major productivity “stuff” in the daytime in order to ensure it gets done, and get enough sleep, to ensure you  feel awesome year round!

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You Can’t Always Eat What You Want: but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need

If you missed last week’s installment check it out, this is Part II. Last we talked portions, servings, and knowing what this all means to your nutritional needs and your health and fitness goals. It’s a good place to start when you’re not sure how to start making dietary changes. This week we’re looking at what to eat, or in some cases what not to eat when you’re looking to start a health and fitness program.

So let’s start with the very basics, you know it, you probably don’t want to hear it, but it is absolutely crucial to your success. The advice goes something like no more Coronas, Hagen-Dasz or Cheetos. Eventually you can be human and indulge in a treat here and there. But those aren’t foods, they are calories that serve no purpose to your system. When you look to not just lose a few pounds that you’ll gain back again (and often, a few more pounds), and want to truly end the cycle of insanity, you need to start looking at food as fuel; that sounds soooooo boring, I know! Let me tell you how much I don’t eat boring food, and I would never succeed at staying healthy and fit if it had to be. You’ll have to start working with herbs and spices and interesting ideas and preparation techniques (interesting not hard), but it can be easy and tasty. Life doesn’t have to be all broiled chicken breasts and steamed broccoli!

You may try to fool yourself into saying that some things that aren’t good are okay. But you know that a microwave dinner with a section of veggies, a protein, and a starch only sounds good until you see all of the additives in it and the fact that its questionable length of time spent frozen really limits (or completely annihilates) the potential for a live enzyme (good stuff that you’ll find in fresh raw fruits and veggies) to be present. You tell yourself these stories, but you know deep down, good food is barely any different from how it came from the earth (i.e. peeling a banana, or cooking the chicken is good) and is fresh. You know there is no way any of this heavily processed (actually engineered!) to appeal to our taste buds’ on an addictive level, is shaped to be a fun food, and/or live a long time on grocery store shelves, is actually any good for you.

So to get what you need the best advice I can give you is start by making sure every meal has:

* 1/2 of your plate filled with fruit and/or vegetables (1 meal should be fruit the others vegetables for healthy proportions).

*1/4 of every meal should be a protein-rich food. This would be meat, fish, poultry, beans, meat substitutes (not too many of these, most are filled with preservatives and fillers), eggs, some nuts (others are just very high in fat), and many dairy products (check the label and make sure, like nuts the product is not just high in fats)

*1/4 of your plate should be a complex carbohydrate. This is grains when they’re still brown, potatoes and sweet potatoes with the skin.

*Fats are still important and help initiate a bunch of very important bodily functions including release and regulation of a number of hormones, so don’t go cutting fat out! Healthy fats are very vital to our health and not enough can actually cause hormone imbalances. Since your hormones are the major controllers of how your body metabolizes energy I would recommend not depriving them of their much needed fats. That said 3 tbsp. a day is a good amount of healthy fat. This includes your salad dressings as well as oils used to cook.

Keep in mind each meal doesn’t have to be balanced as described above, just keep in mind that these are the proportions of food that you want to be eating every day. Most of us don’t get half the vegetables we need, too much high-fat protein like pork and beef, and all kinds of simple carbohydrates from grains which is just a pile of calories stripped of their nutrient value, prepared in a deep fryer and more than sprinkled with sugar, usually caked or crusted with it. Use these guidelines to start and be honest with yourself about the health value of your foods. Try recipes using spices and herbs, rather than tonnes of sugar and fat, to add flavour. Take on the food can be fuel and flavourful mindset, you’ll still enjoy it, kick-start your results and feel awesome!

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Size Matters: how to get your portions under control (and not starve!)

If you’re new to fitness and health you may have gotten some great gains to begin with and now you’ve hit a plateau, or you may never have gotten many real weight loss results although you are fitter and stronger feeling. I guarantee this is because of what you are eating, and how much.

I am not even remotely suggesting you go on a diet, not even a little. I am suggesting you take up lifetime healthy eating habits. The suggestion is that you eat real food, that you eat all you want in the realm of vegetables, beans and legumes, and never starve yourself. That you get the right nutrients at the right times. And yes, at first this will seem like a diet because initially you will miss many of the “foods” and mindless quantities you previously indulged in.

I’ll be very brief on this first point, and delve deeper in the next installment on the “what”. Eat good food. You know what really good food is, it’s something your ancestors would have made to eat for a regular meal. Not a fancy meal, not for dessert or special occasions. That’s the short “what”, but let’s start off with the real detail in how much.

“Why start with how much?” you ask. Well because if you start with the right amount and the wrong food you quickly learn that you’ll starve. If you’re supposed to eat 7 servings of vegetables a day and only 3 servings of fat, you will quickly find yourself eating vegetables. While there are definitely better and worse vegetable preparation choices, you will still be eating much better than if your balance were leaning towards 7 servings of meat or dairy.

The most important notes on portion are the following

Measure your portions: eyeballing is good in a pinch, or once you’re an expert, but measuring keeps you honest. Even once you’re pretty experienced you’re best to return to the measuring cup for a week or so every once in a while, again it keeps you honest with yourself.

Learn what a serving is: A serving of cooked vegetables is different from raw. Nuts are measured at a 1/4 shelled. Some nuts and fruits, like macademia and avocado for example are high in fat and best considered fats instead of proteins or fruit, respectively. They are healthy fats, but fats nonetheless. Most cheeses have a bite-size amount as a serving, but cottage cheese is a whole cup per serving, and ricotta a 1/2 cup.

Understand the difference between a serving size, packages’ “serving size”, and portion size: The Canada Food Guide, American Food Pyramid, and most other bodies that advise on health (and even diets) have a fairly standard way of categorizing and measuring foods. Companies producing these foods do not always adhere to these standards when delegating a serving size to their food, it is often not particularly relative to anything we relate to a standard serving size, be wary of this when eating foods with nutrition information. The more processed and hard to categorize a food is, generally the more inconsistent their ideas of serving sizes are. Portion size is how much you put on your plate. You could eat 2 servings of bread in one meal and that would be 1 portion. People will use these words interchangeably and sometimes without much understanding. Now you know the difference, say whatever you want, as long as you understand the difference!

So take a look at one of the food guides and start to learn about how much of each food you should be eating every day for your sex and age (these are general guidelines, if you are very active at work or play you may need more!. This alone should help you to start yielding some results.

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Keep Growing, Keep Learning… and try not to split your pants!

So often we get stuck in these ruts of doing the same old thing. At our homes, with our families, and at our jobs. There comes monotony and stagnation. While routine is good, expanding and learning and growing with a routine is even better!

To ensure you get the best quality service, and fitness and wellness care, it is a priority to ensure that learning and growing are happening in the CREATE world all the time.

Last week many of you know I was at a fitness conference, where I did sessions learning new fitness techniques to introduce at the studio, but I also took a couple fitness business-based courses too. You’ll notice in the past few months some things have changed in terms of the customer experience. I am always looking for ways to keep you all well-served and loving the CREATE experience even if you have to be at the studio tired and early or exhausted after work.

I also learned a few more interesting lessons: if you wear track pants with no stretch you may split your pants as you split your squat. You can replace said pants with really bright colourful ones, and if “own” the look you get compliments, if you’re sheepish about your bright “out there” pants you’ll get pointed and laughed at. Be brave and be unique: own your awesomeness! I learned restraint can be gratifying. There are no new toys for the studio from the trade show this year (a first!). Buying gimmicks, cheap “stuff”, or things that won’t get used for the sake of buying is not “saving” just because it’s on sale. It also takes up valuable space and create more stuff to dust, no benefit to you or CREATE (ok I knew this one, it’s harder to remember with the equivalent of a “big kid’s toy store sale!”). So you see it’s not only the sessions that offer the lessons.

Every year I also endeavour to take on this conference (which is the biggest in N. America), and also to advance my knowledge and growth within the fitness and wellness realm in some other manner.

This past year’s endeavour was HUGE, so it’s going to take almost a year and a half, but I want to take the time to learn and absorb all of the fantastic knowledge that’s being conveyed to me. I will have my 200RYT at the end, that is, I will have a whole lot of yoga training and practice under my belt and not just be recognized as certified as I am now, but registered with the Yoga Alliance.

I want not only to teach you fitness, but to inspire you to grow and learn in all aspects of your life as wellness of the body and mind are linked. Yoga doesn’t just say so, there are numerous studies about it! I’m sharing it to A) set an example for you to carry on learning in a realm you enjoy or to try something new, and B) let you know that I do always continue to learn so that you are always getting the best, the newest information, and if it proves safe and worthy, perhaps the newest trend or gimmick too!

So how have you challenged yourself to learn and grow lately? (Aside from the fitness, unless that’s your newest thing to master!) Learning and mastering new things is always hard, but once you’re getting it the rewards are usually far beyond your new skill or realm of knowledge and have grown you in other ways.

So stop putting off that course you wanted to sign up for, that class you’ve been meaning to take, or joining that club. Chanting: Do it! Do it! Do it!

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Yoga, Drunken Fishermen and Bikinis: Life Lessons from the Dock

The dock at my cottage has often been a place of reflection and inspiration for me. I have likely spent more hours here than anywhere else on or around the property, although in the lake is likely a close second. It is from the dock that this week’s newsletter is being created.

This morning I did some yoga on the dock too (as I often do), and unfortunately I had forgotten that my cottage yoga clothes were in the clean laundry pile I forgot at home. No excuses, I decided I would do double duty this morning: daily vitamin D intake cottage-style (in other words low SPF sunscreen and a bikini), and yoga combined. This somewhat risqué approach to yoga-wear I knew might attract some attention. However, I didn’t foresee the judgment it attracted would reinforce valuable lessons to share.

9:00 am

I sat reading on the dock at first and 2 men were trolling by in a boat furthering their beer bellies and fishing. With their engine running they couldn’t hear each other well, however I could hear their conversation as if they were next to me with the way the sound carries over the water. They swore profusely, spoke very poorly of their wives, and defended to each other their right to be “smashed until I leave” and how they should be able to drink and drive home because their wives don’t understand that drinking and fishing is the best talk time men have and it should last right ‘til the end of the weekend. I judged them harshly in my mind and thought how grateful I am to be a woman and have what I deem to be better conversations than the one I just overheard.

10:00 am

I am doing yoga now, the same 2 men troll by. This time I hear them talking about me. They are saying “look at her doing that in her bikini”, “desperate for attention”, and “thinks she’s so hot, her ass is eating those bottoms”.

Now I wasn’t hurt by what they said, I knew I had reason and logic for doing what I was doing, and yes “my ass is eating those bottoms” it’s a Brazilian bikini bottom, they simply don’t cover as much bum (they are all the rage in Portugal, as my sister and I discovered on our recent trip. We were the ONLY women not wearing them, but we fixed that. Now apparently, we’re the only ones wearing them here, but now how can I revert to a lesser tan?). But really, I just don’t care what most people think.



That’s Lesson 1: the only opinion about you that really matters is your own. If you take personally everyone’s 2 cents you won’t be left with any self-esteem nor anything you could do with your life that everyone would approve (career-wise, hobby-wise, spiritually, or otherwise). There will always be opinions, favourable and unfavourable (you know the saying about everyone having an opinion). If you can use the favourable ones as support or a boost that’s fantastic! But remember you may also get boosts and support from others even if you’re not living in a way that supports a positive opinion of yourself and thus, at the end of the day check-in with your opinion of you. Keep in mind also sometimes even your own can be very harsh; you may want to reflect on whether you’re being fair to yourself when you find yourself in a position of being overly self-critical. Ask yourself if you’d berate a friend the way you are doing to yourself.

Lesson 2: you never know who can hear you, or is listening. Don’t say things you wouldn’t want others to know about you unless you are in real and true private. Don’t say things about others you wouldn’t want to get back to them. I mean for all these guys know if I can hear them clearly, so may their wives.

Lesson 3: Rather than judge others, save your judgments and use other’s less favourable behaviour to clarify who you want to be. Use the energy to better yourself rather than lessen another. After judging those men, only to be judged by them an hour later really hit home this point. I think they were wrong about me, but maybe there’s something I misunderstood. Also, maybe I was wrong about them. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter, what does is getting an even better grasp of where I’m going and adjusting my course. We’re often so busy telling others they’re going the wrong way we forget to check our own compass. Remember, only your going the right direction, and being on course is what matters.

1:38 pm As I close writing this piece someone from their dock just spoke to them from across the lake. And now they know everyone has heard their conversations for the last 4.5 hours. They are now discussing how they must chat more quietly. And everyone on the lake can still hear this conversation. I’m grateful I got to take home some lessons today, each of us in our own time I suppose.


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Getting in the Mind Game

I’m fairly certain most people think the hardest part of fitness is the working out part. You see grueling videos of people doing exercises that make you think “uh yeah, right!”. Let’s face it, anybody who has worked hard to be able to do such things likes to show off so you don’t see nearly as many people doing “regular workouts”,, and then on the other end of things you get all these “fail” videos and that can be equally as discouraging. Well, all those discouraging thoughts are part of the “mind game”.

We can’t shut off our brains and they are in fact the hardest part to deal with when getting fit, and really, when it comes to accomplishing any goal. So the remainder of this post will be from the perspective of overcoming our mind’s paralyzing, defeatist, down-talking ways in relation to accomplishing any goal, because when it comes to winning against the cynical mind, it really isn’t a matter of what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s about having the tools to get the dreamer’s mind winning, making dreams reality, and teaching that cynical side to stuff it!

“Conquering” the mind game is the first part of achieving any goal, if you’re not winning at this you’re not going to win, sorry. Be ready to take on your inner jerk.

I’m going to briefly introduce the concept of Raja yoga here, without getting too philosophical on anyone who’s not into yoga (going to point out quickly and immediately for anyone religious that yogic philosophy can be applied within any religion without going against, changing, or losing one’s faith, research for yourself this belief is a myth). The Raja yoga path is important as it pertains to mastery and control of one’s own mind; the ability to focus. And really, any accomplishment of a goal is the ability to focus on it, not be deterred by other, usually external factors that sway you from what you really are going for. Now there’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s the most basic breakdown and is particularly relevant to what we’re discussing here.

Did I mention Raja means King is Sanskrit? So be the king of your mind. Have focus and control. You don’t perceive a king letting everyone run his kingdom. You are the king, so you don’t let external factors and the internal cynic (this part is comparable to a king’s shady advisor with an ulterior motive) rule your kingdom.

We can also make the comparison of the little devil and angel on one’s shoulders so often seen in cartoons. Maybe you’ve never pictured it as such personally, but next time you hear that negative “voice” telling you sarcastically “way to go!” or “as if you could do that” feel free to tell it where to go, or you can thank it for its opinion, “but I’m going to do xyz instead.”

I think most of us aren’t even aware of how often the little devil makes an appearance in our thoughts (start paying attention and you’ll be shocked at its presence), often when we’re doing something we said we wouldn’t (i.e. partaking in a bad habit), that guy isn’t even being rude, more like “oh it’s fine, it’s just one.” or “you’ll be back on that wagon tomorrow”.

How about we compare this little devil to a friend? If your friends were rude to you every time you “messed up”, you’d stop being friends. And if you have friends that continually sabotage your dreams and goals (and we all have at some point) we usually end this friendship, allow it to fade away, address the issue with them (if we’re not willing to let go of the friendship, I recommend this as the healthiest choice) OR we let them continue to be part of the problem—often harbouring resentment—then accept and live with the problem (aka letting go of the goal/dream).

So now you’re ready to beat that little devil and get your mind game on. Excellent! To start that means you have to be aware of the way you talk to yourself, let the little angel do the talking. Self-talk should be only as good, or better than you would deal with an annoyed/angry/frustrated/incompetent customer if you were working a customer service job (and were actually doing a good job!).

On the road to any goal, especially in a realm that is not your strong point, you will have to work hard, overcome setbacks, and probably fail a few times Yup. Fail! More than once. That’s part of life, challenges, and goal achievement. The question is are you going to get back up? You learned to use a knife and fork, walk, maybe ride a bike or swim, didn’t you? You failed a heck of a lot at those for sure. It was ok to be annoyed, angry, frustrated, and incompetent. Heck, it was ok to have a foot-kicking floor-squirming crying tantrum sometimes, and all the while that little angel was just chilling, waiting for you to get it together enough to tell you “it’s ok, just try again.” She was winning customer service awards left, right, and centre when you were a kid! So why are you beating yourself up now?! Stop it!

Now, and this is key, you must believe you can. If you can’t believe it’s possible you will run out of steam very quickly and give up. If it’s a very big goal and impossible to believe, then rework it. Now. Make it smaller and truly believable. Once you have some power of achievement backing you up to wave in the face of the little devil when it tries to get you down, then you can make it bigger because you have proof it’s wrong.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t—you’re right.” –Henry Ford

Now some tools. Your little devil will automatically tell you this is lame. I thought so too, but really, how’s listening to that crap been working out for you so far? Alright then:

1. Figure out what you want… not what you don’t want! Try I want to be thin, feel fabulous and healthy, I want to be smoke-free and be able to run, I want to be happy with what I have and save money.

2. Frame your goal in the present tense, as if your goal is already a reality. Try I am thin, feel fabulous and healthy, I am smoke-free and be run like a champ, I am happy and have all I need, my savings grow every day.

3. Stand in from of a mirror, close your eyes (yes, I know that makes no sense, it will, one step at a time, ok?).

4. Remember a real time in your life when you felt strong/empowered/confident/able to do anything. A time when you felt all of those would be awesome, but if you have just one or two of those feelings that will do. Note that this memory doesn’t have to be related to your current goal.

5. Remember that moment and how you felt, really get in to that moment, and more importantly, that feeling. When you’ve captured that feeling vividly…

6. .. open your eyes. Look yourself in the eye and say your present tense goal.

7. Do 3-6 daily.

8. Repeat this “goal mantra” every time you have a little devil “you can’t” moment. Do the whole darn thing if the time and place are appropriate. Note that shared public bathrooms will have you looking very weird, so I don’t recommend it. But if it’s one of those make or break moments, weird might be better than failing. Alternately, if you can’t handle screw-faced looks from people it might be best not to attract them when you’re already in a weak state; just use your discretion.

9. Tell that little devil to shove it, you know it sounds lame, but ask: ”what of extraordinary and overwhelmingly positive significance have you done for me lately?!” …………… “Right bud! Thanks for your opinion, but I’m going to try this.”

And now to conclude with something very cliché: you’ve only got one chance at this life thing, so you may as well be in it to win it and try your best. Focus on your progress and praise yourself when you’re doing well. You don’t want your life to be coming to a close only to regret going for mediocre.

Everything you do is a statement of what you think you are wroth. Act accordingly!

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